Tyler's Crime Stories | Tyler's Crime Stories


All characters in the following stories are fictional. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. All characters were invented to serve rhetorical purposes. No character in these stories represents you or someone else.

Alex was already in deep sleep when I came in. I was pleased to see that everything seemed to be well prepared. I went through the instructions one more time to check if the required instruments were all there. Scissors, needle and thread were placed neatly on the working table next to his abdomen. The cameras were installed above him and next to his head. The control monitor was already switched on and shaped the dark room in dim light.

I slowed the ventilation down. I had been promised that nobody would be around during this time of the

night, but I wanted to make sure that I could hear possible visitors early in advance.

After a moment of searching behind the fully packed shelves I found the plug for the halogen lamp. When
I plugged it in, the atmosphere of the room changed completely.

I looked at Alex. It was the first time I'd see him for several months. He looked miserable.

I found a bottle of alcohol in the refrigerator, which I used to sterilize my hands and the instruments. Shortly after that I started to work.

I had been at it for some hours when a loud bang on the door reminded me where I was. I didn't know what to do.

A VOICE (on the other side)
Are you in there?

I wasn't sure who it was, but the voice seemed
familiar to me. After a moment I answered, and
Cliff came in.

Oh, it's you. Where is Tim?

Then he sat down and watched me while I
continued sewing.

What do you think? Will he make it?

I (nodding)
He's young.

Cliff seemed to be thoughtful, when he left a while later.
He looked back and I wasn't sure if he had smiled at me
or not.